It's time for a third round of cake, please.

According to IGN , Fat Princess: Piece of Cake is headed to the PlayStation Vita this fall. There's already a microtransaction-fueled mobile version available on the Canadian App Store and Google Play.

The game boasts 55+ stages and to conquer each will require a healthy dose of timing, tact and general strategy. You will utilize the Warrior, Ranger, Worker and Priest to achieve your goals, but bear in mind that the gameplay is different from the original title. It's basically still strategy, though. And by the way, after clearing Lv. 15, players with a linked Facebook account will earn access to a download of Fat Princess for your PS3. And yup, it'll be free. That's not a bad little incentive, now is it?

If you missed out the first time around, check out our review . It was a really excellent and hugely entertaining game.

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