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Vita On Sale At Best Buy For $175

If you don't have the PlayStation Vita yet, but you've always been enticed by Sony's nifty new portable, now might be the time to pounce.

If price has always been your biggest hurdle, maybe you should take advantage of the current Best Buy sale : An 8GB Vita bundle for only $175.

Okay, so it's only a savings of $25, but it's worth checking out. Besides, if you picked up the PlayStation 4, Sony has been saying all year how well the Vita and PS4 go together. The Vita is the "perfect companion" to the new console, so says the manufacturer. Yeah, they've got an ulterior motive to say it, sure. But isn't it relatively accurate? The only question is whether or not you think that "perfect companion" is worth $175. Personally, I say it is, but that answer is partially due to the incoming software that I assume is on the way.

It's Christmas. 'tis the season for giving…to…uh…oneself.

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9 years ago

Almost tempted since my PSP met a mysterious end. Anybody wanna buy some PSP games?

9 years ago

cant believe how quickly the price of this has dropped here!
its gone from 420 for just the system itself, to 200 bucks for the system AND a 4GB memory card, AND a game, AND a PSN voucher!
just goes to show how overpriced the thing was in the first place, and how desperate $ony are now!

9 years ago

just buy a new psp world but yeah i wud a agree and i've already got nearly 6 games wud have if the shop have lego marvel but oh well i'll get that later and well it does work well i tried out the remote player elier today when i got home form a week at the beach.

happy gaming =)

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