The PlayStation Vita's lacking library just got a little boost.

It has been confirmed that Telltale Games' award-winning downloadable series, The Walking Dead , will be coming to Sony's new portable this year. We're not sure yet if all five available chapters of the game will release episodically as they were before, or if they'll be bundled together in a package deal.

In speaking to IGN , PlayStation director of product planning and platform software innovation Don Mesa said this move "sends a strong message." Evidently, the message is that Sony will continue to support the Vita with great games, and we certainly hope to see more of them. The Walking Dead isn't new (and the Vita needs new software more than anything), but the quality of the series in question does make the handheld a little more appealing.

Thus far, the five episodes have been downloaded over 8.5 million times, and the average user spends $16. But I still wanna know when Killzone: Mercenary is coming out.

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