One of the most popular and acclaimed indie games of the generation will soon release on the PlayStation Vita.

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , Machinarium will launch on Sony's new portable on March 26 for the accessible price of $6.99.

When it was released for the PS3, the developers called it the best version of the game to date. They added new features, such as the ability to zoom in, along with magnetic hotspots and Trophies. But now they say the Vita version is the new best iteration of the award-winning title, as it includes all the PS3's features plus more: You can now control the game via the Vita's touchscreen if you so desire, and that zoom feature has been improved. As for the technical aspects:

"The graphics, music and sounds are presented at full quality, and everything runs smoothly and looks as beautiful as ever on Vita’s gorgeous 5″ OLED display. For the best audio experience, put on some nice headphones so you can fully enjoy the award-winning soundtrack by Floex."

Machinarium is just one of those games you really need to play if you're looking for a fresh interactive experience. And I imagine it would make for a perfect Vita adventure, so give it a try next week.

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7 years ago

Definitely checking this out.