Well, if they need more time, they need more time. Let's not push 'em. Know what happens when you rush developers?


Anyway, as announced over at the PlayStation Blog , Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault for the PlayStation Vita has been delayed until January 2013. The PS3 version will still be on store shelves on November 27.

Apparently, this decision was done in the interest of product quality, as it seems the designers need a bit more time to polish and hone. SCEA producer Greg Phillips said they want to deliver "the best gameplay experience possible" and as such, the Vita version needs more TLC in the coming weeks. The game takes advantage of Sony's great Cross-Buy promotion, which is simple- Buy the PS3 version, get the Vita version free. Unfortunately, that won't be possible right out of the gate in November but maybe you can take advantage in January.

As a small act of contrition, Sony will be giving away copies of the Mini-Boss Skin Pack for anyone who picks up Full Frontal Assault for the PS3. This DLC features "three fan-favorite boss characters from past Ratchet & Clank games," so at least that's something.

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8 years ago

this looks exactly like all for one, insomniac seems hell bent on pissing off their fans!
first they turn it into a crappy kids game, and now tower defense?
WTF does R&C have to do with tower defense!?
sigh, insomniac why cant you just do a traditional R&C game?
we want a proper sequel to ACIT!