We need more Killzone .

Thankfully, we're getting it, and it's coming to Sony's new portable. At Gamescom 2012, Killzone: Mercenary was announced for the PlayStation Vita, along with a teaser trailer that kicks much ass.

We've seen this franchise go handheld before; Killzone: Liberation was available for the PSP, but that was a third-person shooter. Given the dual analog sticks of the Vita, Mercenary should be a very different experience…in all the right ways. There's traditional FPS gameplay as well as touchscreen melee attacks (as shown off in the trailer), and there's the obvious hint that instead of controlling a member of the ISA, you're gonna be a merc this time around.

We don't know when the game is scheduled to arrive, but we're hoping it'll be soon. Chances are, we'll see a lot more details emerge for this game as the year progresses, and we're psyched .