This ought to be a blast on Sony's nifty new portable.

Capcom has announced that the PlayStation Vita iteration of Street Fighter X Tekken will hit store shelves on October 23.

The game will come with two download codes, too: One will unlock 12 additional characters, bringing the roster total to 55, and the other will give each of the original 38 characters alternate costumes. Just remember, only first-run editions of the Vita title will boast the latter code, so don't wait! Plus, if you pre-order, you'll get another code, which gets you the alternate costumes for those additional 12 fighters.

Those dozen characters were supposed to debut with the Vita installment, but Capcom decided to make them available early; they'll be downloadable for the PS3 and 360 versions of SFxT on July 31 . Oh, and here's the best part- All save data for the Vita version will be transferable to the PS3 version, and cross-platform play is supported as well. It's like catnip for fans of the genre!

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10 years ago

Don't mean nothin'.

10 years ago

Same date as Playstation All Stars Battle Royal.