When it comes to new hardware, you'd be well advised to search for some enticing promotional deals.

The PlayStation Vita is now on store shelves and based on everything you've read and seen, you might want one. However, you just don't think it's a good enough deal…and that's why, for this week only, Target has your back.

The retailer has a few gamer-centric deals for this week, two of which apply to the Xbox 360, and the other three apply to Sony's handheld; visit Examiner.com to find the relevant list and links. If you want to pick up the 3G model of the Vita, you'll receive a free 8GB memory card with your purchase ($299 total price), and the Wi-Fi-only model comes with a 4GB memory card, although the latter deal is only available for in-store customers. If you wish to shop online, though, you can take advantage of Target's Wi-Fi Starter Kit Bundle, which you can grab for $284.99 for a limited time.

We've been saying all along the Vita should come with a memory card. Maybe more retailers will follow suit in the coming months.

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10 years ago

Amazon has been issuing $20 refunds to those that bought the Wifi model on pre-order without the 4GB card. So, it would seem that one way or the other, the price off the memory cards is much less an issue than it was before?

10 years ago

wonder why $ony is allowing retailer discounts in the states and japan when SCEE has been refusing any bundles or discounts retailers put up.
just seems strange, when i went to pick up mine last week i asked the manager if they would throw in a starter kit like JB were offering and was told they cant, $ony has been very specific not to offer any bundles or discounts on it yet.