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Venom Could Get Spin-Off, If Fans Want

Insomniac Games is open to developing a Venom-focused spin-off, but it wants to see how fans react to Spider-Man 2 first.

In an interview with Insider, Senior Narrative Director Jon Paquette explained that it’s focused on the game, but the team’s going to take some time off to get a good night’s rest and much-needed time off. After the rest to relish in the release of Spider-Man 2, more discussions will take place.

Odds are, it’ll take some time before any sort of spin-off goes into full development, considering Insomniac is already working on its next game — Woverine.

“So, here’s what we’re doing. We’re focused on ‘Spider-Man 2,’ and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna wait to see how the fans react. We’re gonna listen to the fans and we’re gonna ask ourselves, ‘Okay, what do the fans really want?’ We’ll kind of talk about stuff after we’ve all had time to sleep and take vacations.”

What do you think? Do you wanna take control of Venom in his own dedicated spin-off? Let us know below!

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