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Things Are Looking Good For Sony Overseas, PS5 Dominates The UK Charts

The PlayStation 5 is selling incredibly well across the pond, with 51% of all Console sales in the United Kingdom being Sony’s flagship console.

Within the same period, the Xbox Series consoles and Nintendo Switch have dropped, respectively, per VGC, from 26% to 23% for Xbox and 34% to 25% for the Switch. It remains to be seen if the current trend of Sony’s consoles dominating the charts will continue, with the PS5 Slim supposedly coming out in the coming months.

However, some remain skeptical as the PS5 Slim has received a lukewarm reception from many outlets in the United States, mainly for how complicated it is to install the external disc drive.

SIE Executive and head of Global Marketing Eric Lempel seems to be happy that this will be the first Christmas shopping season where anyone who wants to buy a PS5 will be able to find one.

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