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Teardown Video Showcases PS5 Slim “Not That Much Smaller”

A new teardown video of the PS5 Slim has showcased that the new model, poised to replace all PS5 units after stock depletes, isn’t all “that much smaller.”

Dave2D (via Eurogamer) shared a teardown video where he took apart the Slim and compared it to the original PS5, noting a few key differences, like how it’s not actually that much lighter compared to its precursor. The original weighs in at around 3.9kg — 8.5 pounds — or 3.3kg — 7.2 pounds. The new units weigh in at 3.2kg — seven pounds — or 2.6kg — 5.7 pounds. Sure, this is noticeable, but it’s not quite as “slim” as some may have anticipated.

You’re also not able to use your previously purchased panels if they were for the chunkier big brother unit. He also stressed reminds people that the new console editions will come with a horizontal stand, but if you’re a gamer who prefers to keep your console upright, you need to fork over the extra dough to do so.

What do you think? Will you pick up the PS5 Slim or stick with the beefy unit? Let us know below!

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