Stranger Things

Well, this is why licensed content kinda sucks. While it’s cool to see your favorite characters brought to life in a video game that isn’t specifically tied to them, there is a troublesome thing associated to this type of content — licensing. This has long-been one of the many banes of developers’ existence. Now, Stranger Things content is leaving Dead by Daylight.

Announced over on their blog, all sale of the content will be halted later this year. If you already own Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington, or The Demogorgon, you’re in luck — you get to keep them. Those who haven’t had the chance to pick them up but want to have until November 17 to do so. To sweeten the deal, Behaviour Interactive has slashed the prices and discounted the costumes, as well.

The maps, however, will be shuttered for good. 

What do you think? Are you disappointed that Stranger Things is leaving Dead by Daylight? Tell us below

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