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Alan Wake Remastered

Stephen King Sold Alan Wake Opening Quote For $1

Kicking off the original Alan Wake was a quote from famed horror novelist Stephen King. The quote, apparently, was sold to Remedy Entertainment for a meager $1.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Sam Lake discussed how early into its development, he wanted the game to open with a quote from King as he embodied a lot of the game’s supernatural elements. The author’s generosity isn’t too shocking.

He’s been rather generous with a fair few of his works, with some being labeled “Dollar Babies,” which as its name implies, can be licensed for $1 for any film student looking to get their hands in the industry. This particular quote, though, doesn’t come from any of his books, but rather from a 2008 op-ed he wrote for Entertainment Weekly.

Alan Wake holds several references to the famed horror writer as well as the likes of HP Lovecraft and shows like Twin Peaks and Twilight Zone.

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