Stardew Valley

A while back Stardew Valley creator, Eric Barone AKA ConcernedApe, noted that there would be multiplayer for console gamers. But, that was last year. Little has truly come of it in recent months. But, now we have a glimmer of hope as the developer tweeted that the multiplayer is still happening and there are only a few fixes to go.

In the same announcement tweet, he also urged everyone to ask questions about the game if they have any.

Ever since Barone went solo, and without Chucklefish aiding in the game’s progression on most of the game ports, he hasn’t been too frequent with updates on the blog. The last post on the Stardew Valley blog was all the way back on January 2, 2019.

Stardew Valley is available on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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