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Sony’s Open To Bringing Remote Play To Switch

Sony may be working with competitors in the future as Remote Play on other consoles was a question in a recent survey, which can be seen here on Reddit. One of the questions asked whether fans would be interested in streaming their games to another console such as the Switch. They also inquired whether anyone would be interested in playing PS1 or PS2 games through Remote Play.

The same survey also proposed the idea of an “on-the-go” DualShock controller. Customization options was also one of the questions, allowing for different sizes and positioning. Naturally, it’s up to Sony which features they’ll include to the PS5, because clearly that’s what this survey is all about.

Arguably, the oddest of feature is the survey’s question on offline capabilities. Remote Play requires an internet connection to work, a connection that, at minimum, should be 15mps. The question doesn’t go into any detail on how they plan on bypassing the requirement.

This survey looks like one of a few possibilities that shows Sony expanding outside of their own platform, with a couple exclusive games on their way to PC in the near future. It should be interesting to see how it all pans out. 

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