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Sony Will Begin Processing PS5 Pre-Orders Soon

If you were one of the lucky ones who snagged yourself a PS5 directly from PlayStation rather than third-party retailers, we have some good news. It’s looking like Sony will begin processing orders in the very near future. According to a thread on ResetEra, a user shared an email they got from PlayStation Direct telling them that the release date is upon them and it’ll charge the full amount, which will include shipping and taxes if applicable.

Sony isn’t keeping anything from users, though, as it warns them the order may see disruptions with a cap of three business days due to COVID-19. It also warns that it could take a while for the tracking site to update.

It’s hard to believe it’s so close and we’ll be in a brand-new generation in a matter of days.

What do you think? What games are you looking forward to playing on the PS5? Tell us below!

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2 years ago

I’m from the UK & Pre-ordered my PS5 at my GAME Store. We’re now going into lockdown and we’ve been told we’ll have to pay for the console prior Thursday when lockdown begins – though I asked yesterday and today and they say they haven’t got the go-ahead from Sony to take the payments – So I’m told. I’ll be going int tomrrow and Wednesday evening if I have to and by Wedensday if I still haven’t been able to proceed with my payment we’re certainly going to have a conversation… (Meaning not a pleasant one!)

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