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Days Gone

Sony Dropping $250 Million On New Bend Studio Game

Days Gone director, Jeff Ross, who once criticized people for buying the game on sale, once again takes a jab at Sony for allegedly dropping $250 million on a new Bend Studio game not wanting to fund a Days Gone 2. The 2019 original game has turned into a cult game, but at the time was a panned game by critics and even fans.

On X (as spotted by MP1st), Ross shared some supposed numbers on an unannounced project in the works over at Bend. It’s worth pointing out that he hasn’t directly worked at the studio since late 2020. Obviously, he still feels scorned by the rejection of a sequel, especially as he was seeking the “bargain basement” price of $150 million.

Our hunch is this unannounced project is the ever-teased one that Bend is working on. Meanwhile, we aren’t sure, but this same teased project is the same as the live service that it staffed up for earlier this year. If true, we hope this next game is going to be a more immediate hit with its audience than Days Gone was.

What do you think? Do you still cling to hope for a sequel? Does it deserve a second chance? Let us know below! 

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