PlayLink games, which were perceived to not be backwards compatible on the PS5, have been confirmed to apparently work. Earlier this month, Sony dropped a list of games that wouldn’t be backwards compatible. Among these games, it also noted the PS4 Second Screen and companion apps wouldn’t be compatible.

This left a few extra games out of the list including That’s You, Hidden Agenda, and Knowledge is Power, which both require a third-party app to function. While the games are confirmed to work, it’s not quite explained how. While games like Erica can be played with a controller, so that’s easy enough, but games that don’t have that luxury need apps and if companion apps aren’t compatible, how can they function?

More light will be shed as the PS5 launches, but Sony should have at least cited an answer as to how the games will function. Perhaps Sony’s working on a brand-new PlayLink app or something, but only time will tell.

What do you think? Do you even care if PlayLink games aren’t compatible? Tell us below!

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9 months ago

Hi all, had too remake my name. Nice to see sony confirming games.

Ty Harvey
9 months ago

Hey, glad you’re still around. 😀

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