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Sony Biz Head Defends PlayStation Plus Price Hike

Last month, PlayStation sneakily revealed its intentions to raise PlayStation Plus subscriptions globally, now a Sony exec has gone on to defend its decision. Of course, services altering prices for one reason or another is far from out of the ordinary.

During an interview with Barron’s (via IGN), Eric Lempel justified its price hike as having to adjust for the market conditions, like many other services. He also notes that it hasn’t touched the pricing model for “85% of the world in many years.”

The PS price hike came soon after Xbox raised its Game Pass prices, and then a myriad of streaming services — Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, Apple Arcade, etc. — announced its own price changes.

“We want to make PlayStation Plus great. With our reboot last year and introducing the tier system, a lot of consumers have recognized that there’s a lot of value in PlayStation 5. Like practically everything else in the world, we have to look at our pricing and we have to adjust to market conditions. I’m happy to say, unlike a lot of other subscription services out there, we haven’t touched the PlayStation Plus pricing for 85% of the world in many years. So, this was the first time we did something there.”

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