The long-awaited PSN ID change feature is finally here and to celebrate that, Sony has answered a series of questions you may have about it. Some of the answered questions include if you can revert to a previous PSN ID to which you can for free. They also allow for unlimited name changes and displaying your previous ID for thirty days, but naturally, there’s a catch.

Last year, a ResetEra user leaked information during the limited run of the feature. Sure enough, the information found by the user was true. After changing your PSN ID, some games won’t function properly, be it online or offline. They also warned that you may lose access to content, even paid content such as virtual currency and add-ons.

Here is the full list of answered questions.

What do you think of the feature? Will you use it? Will you opt to keep your potentially cringey ID? Tell us down below!

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3 years ago

I’ve used this name on every possible system or setup that allows user id’s since 1998 and i’m not changing it anytime soon. This feature was never meant for me.

3 years ago

I would change my name, but the thing that worries me is if some thing does happen, which knowing my luck it probably would I would lose my progress and access to my paid content I have.

Hopefully some time down the road they can improve it so it won’t do that and it will function properly.