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The Future of Gaming

Sony Announces PS5-Centered The Future Of Gaming

Fans have been waiting for an excruciatingly long time to learn much more than the logo and controller of the PS5 and it seems we’re on the homestretch. After hearing the praises third-party developers had, after seeing the logo and DualSense, Sony has revealed its upcoming PS5 – The Future of Gaming event slated for next month.

Accompanied by a short video, the event is supposed to focus on the games. As put by CEO Jim Ryan in a PlayStation Blog post: “What is a launch without games?” It’s not clear if we’ll get to see the console at all in this showcase, but with how they’ve been doing things, odds are, we’ll have to wait for the next event for that.

With the event hitting on one of the most important aspects, the launch titles, we can probably expect to see exclusive footage of the games that will launch alongside it. It also won’t just be the big developers that will be a part of the showcase, smaller and newer studios are also lumped into the event alongside those with a larger repertoire.

Currently, The Future of Gaming event is a little over an hour and will mark the first time it’ll be done completely digitally. You can catch the event on YouTube and Twitch on June 4 at 1 PM PDT/4 PM EDT.

Are you excited about the event? Tell us below!

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