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Sandman Could’ve Been Venomnized

Insomniac Games kicked around the idea of a Venomized Sandman in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 before scrapping it due to production considerations. Frankly, it would be a weird choice to have Sandman a primary villain in both Spider-Man games, but if done properly, it probably could have worked.

Bryan Intihar spilled the beans during an episode of IGN’s Beyond. As he noted, it was hard enough to “make Sandman cool.” While the team already was working with Venomized concept art of the beach-like foe, the senior creative director had to take into consideration production and felt like with the game’s scope, expected quality, and timeline, it just wouldn’t pan out the way the team wanted.

In the end, Sandman was relegated to a small role, letting Kraven the Hunter and Venom take the lead as the main foes that Peter Parker and Miles Morales face.

What do you think? Would you have liked to see what a Venomized Sandman could’ve been? Let us know below!

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