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Rocket League Introduces Lightning McQueen Because Why Not?

Rocket League is no stranger to crossovers, but not sure we were anticipating seeing Pixar’s Lightning McQueen in the roster. Yeah, your eyes aren’t fooling you, in an almost out-of-nowhere crossover, you can now play as the car that was voiced by Owen Wilson.

Rocket League announced the crossover in a press release alongside a recent video. This is a unique crossover, considering this will mark the game’s first dynamic expression vehicle, meaning throughout the match McQueen’s face will change. The bundle isn’t just the new car, though, we also get three new decals, three new sets of wheels, and a “Ka-chow” goal explosion. You can — in limitation — customize your new ride with boosts, goal explosions, and toppers.

You can also get Life is a Highway as your player anthem. It all costs 2,500 Credits.

What do you think? Does this make you want to jump back into Rocket League or are you good? Let us know below! 

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