Final Fantasy VII Remake

The latest trademarks made by Square Enix have been made public. The trademarks point to the possibility of Final Fantasy VII Remake DLCs in the works.

The trademarks include Ever Crisis, which is similar to Before Crisis, a mobile FF title and PSP game, The First Soldier, which could be a reference to Sephiroth, and the logo for The Shinra Electric Power Company.

The trademarks initially were filed back in mid to late December but were only just now made public today. With its delayed release back in April, it does seem Final Fantasy VII Remake, it isn’t impossible for DLC.

On the other hand, the trademarks could’ve been filed in reference to the game releasing to other platforms later this year.

What do you think? Are these trademarks for potential DLC? Tell us below!

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2 months ago

Hello. Just re-registered here. I’m surprised this site is still active!

Anyway, I think the new trademarks could very well be for the titles of the next games in the VII Remake. They may not want to simply title each game as Remake 2, 3 and so on.

They could also very well be for movie tie-in projects.

But I am certain they’re not going to make DLCs for the first game, as Nomura expressed his will to move on to the second game and release it as soon as possible. Releasing DLCs for the first game would go against that.

2 months ago
Reply to  hynad

For example, it would make sense if the second game was titled “Final Fantasy VII: The First SOLDIER”, considering Cloud is supposed to tell the story of his past with Sephiroth once they arrive to Kalm, shortly after leaving Midgar.

Considering how they managed to make a 40+ hours long game out of a 6-10 hours part from the original with the first Remake game, I wouldn’t be surprised if they manage to do something similar with Cloud’s tale. That being said, they could also very much make the game go further than that part of the story while still focusing heavily on Sephiroth’s back story through NPC character interactions and whatnot.

Last edited 2 months ago by hynad