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PUBG Sequel Will Be Grounded In Realism

Earlier this week, notable leaker in the PUBG community, PlayerIGN, has shared news of the sequel potentially in the works, according to his sources.

The game won’t shifting genres, meaning it will remain a battle royale. This question most likely pops up due to the changes made to Overwatch 2, which will feature a story mode.

It will also be grounded in realism, meaning it won’t feature any sort of futuristic weaponry to face off against other players. As it’s yet to have any sort of confirmation, the video doesn’t have any details like an estimated release date.

Bloomberg reported there would be a new game, The Calisto Protocol, in the same universe due out next year. So, perhaps they could be working on the game to release in 2023?

What do you think? Do you want to see a sequel to PUBG? Tell us below!

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