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PS5 SSD Ranked As A Top Requested Feature

During the planning stages of the next generation of PlayStation console, PlayStation 5, Sony held numerous meetings with several developers to brainstorm features for the next generation. One of the most requested features in the upcoming console that would later grace us as the PS5 was the use of SSD.

During a video featuring PlayStation lead system architect, Mark Cerny, he dived into the design and development process. This desired feature was actually something Sony had requests for back in the PS4 era with developers pushing for the console maker to include a NVMe SSD with at minimum 1GB of read speed per second.

“Tim Sweeney, who is the founder of Epic Games, said hard drives were holding the industry back. Developers asked for an NVME SSD with at least 1 GB per second of read speed, and we looked at that and we decided to go maybe five to ten times that speed.”

Cerny also mentioned his fondness for more brutal meetings with developers as they tend to result in a “stronger console.” He isn’t someone who just joined the PlayStation market with the new gen. He’s retained a strong presence in the development of the platform’s storied console history, having acted as the lead designer for multiple PlayStation platforms since the PS2 era and retaining that position all the way to the current, PS5 era.

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