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PS5 Is Slimming Down For The Holidays

It was bound to happen — a mid-gen revamp of the PS5 was announced on Tuesday. Behind closed doors, it murmurs were being spread across the net, spearheaded largely by industry insider Tom Henderson.

Sony has unveiled the PS5 Slim, a slimmer, more distinct model with a noticeable design change, a drop in weight, and extra storage to boot, per the PlayStation Blog. Up to 1TB SSD, to be precise. With the new model, it also saw a price hike — the Standard Edition remains the same at $499.99, its Digital Edition sees a noticeable hike to $449.99, a far cry from its original $399.99 price tag.

Also, if you’re looking to get an older version, you might be outta luck as Sony noted once stock of the original versions is gone, its Slim models will be the only ones available. 

What do you think? Is it exactly what you expected? Is it more than what you expected? Let us know below!

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