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Knights of the Old Republic

PS5 Exclusive KOTOR Remake Scrubbed From Net

New concerns rose for the future of the Knights of the Old Republic remake as its trailer and announcement tweet have been scrubbed from official sources. This follows Aspyr putting the game’s development on an indefinite pause last year before then passing the project off to Saber Interactive.

As spotted by podcaster Crusader3456 on Twitter, the game’s promo stuff has been scrubbed from both Lucasfilm and Sony channels with no explanation. It wasn’t until a Sony spokesperson spoke to IGN, stating that music licenses expired, which is the cause of delisting its trailer and announcement post.

We don’t blame people for worrying about this PS5 exclusive — both Aspyr and Saber are under Embracer Group, which has been closing studios, canceling games, potentially selling assets, and laying off tons of people as it goes under a massive restructure.

What do you think? Do you believe the KOTOR remake will ever see the light of day? Let us know below!

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