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PS4 Update 5.53 Has Some European Players Concerned About Privacy

The PlayStation 4 got another firmware update this week, version 5.53, and some of the language included in that update has led to concerns about privacy among PS4 gamers in Europe. The update includes a statement about “additional data” that it is not required to collect in order to ensure properly functioning online services, that includes monitoring which apps you use on your PS4, which parts of the PSN Store you visit, and even which weapons your characters use in games. Needless to say, this left some players a bit uneasy.

While the language included seemed unclear at first, Sony has responded in order to clarify what this update actually means. In a communication with Gamespot, Sony issued the following statement:

“We are not collecting any new data. We are being more transparent and offering consumers choice. In line with GDPR requirements, we make every effort to be transparent with our users about how we collect, use and manage their data; we will not be collecting any new or additional information from our users. Service data would encompass data necessary to provide users with the service they request (e.g. if a user clicks on a link to a new page, downloading the page to the device). On the other hand, additional data is information that does not need to be collected to provide users with the service they request, most analytics / usage, settings & navigation data would fall into this category; this leads to improved user experiences. Please see our Privacy Policy.”

It’s always good to see companies being more transparent about the data they collect from us, so kudos to Sony for taking the time to clarify this issue.

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