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Tomb Raider PS4: Physics Upgrades And Voice Commands

Yesterday, Crystal Dynamics tried to explain why the Definitive Edition of Tomb Raider for the PlayStation 4 is worth every penny of that $60.

There's even more upgrade information that may help to further vindicate Square Enix's chosen price point. During a Q&A session on the publisher's official forums , Crystal Dynamics executive producer Scot Amos talked about all sorts of nifty updates for this special next-gen edition:

"There are custom differences as you know for each – meaning that the PS4′s controller has a touch-pad on it, [and] the lit front that we do interact with in-game. Xbox One has Kinect which we make use of, [but] both support voice commands.” You’ll be able to use the updated PlayStation Camera to employ the functionality on the Japanese giant’s hot new hardware, or alternatively you’ll have the option to connect a microphone to the DualShock 4."

New voice commands will let you switch between weapons on the fly, and Amos adds that their engineers "were dedicated to improving physics both on Lara and in the world." So, that means her climbing axe, radio and bow-and-arrow have all been updated to reflect more realistic physics. Basically, it's a major atmospheric upgrade overall, and it extends to everything from Lara's hair to even the smallest aspects of her surroundings.

Then again, it could be just a lot of PR speak. There's some of that in there, too, so we should probably acknowledge it.

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10 years ago

I could care less about the gimmicks like voice commands, although I'm a little curious to see what the point of interfacing with the light bar would be. I just don't understand that thing, nobody would ever look at it and what's the camera gonna do for me if it changes color?

I'm all about seeing the 4x detail because it already looked incredible for a multiplat, and also playing in the updated physics. Those did need a little work anyway, plus checking out the new character models. I liked just unlocking them and then inspecting them in the extras from every angle like virtual statuettes.

10 years ago

ah finally publishers are bringing voice commands over to $onys system too!
one thing that really pissed me off last gen, the playstation camera is perfectly capable of doing everything kinect did but developers did not use it.
hopefully this is the standard now, and not just a one off thing.
nice addition allowing players to use the included headphones with the system too, that will make it allot more used.
wish $ony would hurry the &^%$ up though and announce why people should buy the camera!
such a shame, they had some really cool AR content with the vita, they could of built off that.
either that or give us another sorcery, but this time with the much darker more mature tone of the announcement trailer, not another crappy kids game!

10 years ago

sweet cant really look forward to this

10 years ago

There is enough noise pollution out there as it is and in games. Do we really need to have people yelling at their televisions. I guess so.

Keep playing!

10 years ago

The men in white coats with butterfly nets will be out in force in the next generation.

"He kept talking to his video game characters your honor"

"Involuntary commitment and therapy"

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