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NBA 2K14 Update Adds Stability And Gameplay Tweaks

If you've been playing NBA 2K14 on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, chances are, you've encountered a bug or two.

But the developers have issued a third patch, which should fix a whole host of annoying issues. The fixes are detailed at the 2K Blog and as you can see, it's a hefty, appreciated patch.

You shouldn't encounter as many disconnects now when playing online, for example. Then there was a particularly damaging glitch (now fixed) that wouldn't allow players to progress past the All-Star break after they've played and completed multiple seasons in MyCareer Mode. Some of the issues have been specific to the Xbox One, but most are general: A camera screw-up has been fixed and they've added an all-new camera angle, dribble animations have been tweaked, and even the AI should be a little better now.

This is what we like to call a player's update. In other words, it tackles a lot of practical and gameplay-related problems and doesn't bother with cosmetic or trivial stuff. And don't forget, NBA 2K14 was already pretty damn good. Definitely worthwhile to try.

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