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Jay Mohr Doing Voice Work For Next Saints Row Installment?

Sure, why not?

Saints Row IV managed to sell over 1 million copies in its first week of availability, and the franchise has generated quite the loyal following of fans.

So, hearing that a sequel is already in the works isn't particularly surprising. Actor/comedian Jay Mohr ("Jerry Maguire," "Suicide Kings") posted on his Twitter page that he's lending his voice to the next series entry:

"About to do my voice over work for new Saints Row video game. #showbiz"

Six characters are shown on a monitor in the background, but we obviously don't know who they are just yet. Now, there is a chance that Mohr may have slightly misspoke and he means he's recording for some upcoming Saints Row IV DLC. Either way, though, Mohr doing a voiceover for a game is no big surprise; he's a confirmed game lover who has co-hosted the D.I.C.E. awards and performed at BlizzCon. He'd probably deliver a great voice performance, too, and it would really fit the game's style.

We'll wait to see if publisher Deep Silver officially confirms a new Saints Row . That announcement might be coming soon.

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10 years ago

New Saints Row for PS4? I can dig it.

10 years ago

i hope they stick with the superpowers for this they actually were allot of fun in 4.
they just need to work on some more creative abilities instead of the mundane obligatory super speed, super jump, running up walls, ect.
lets see some superpowers which are not been there done that.
need to get back to the series roots too, it was all about gang rivalries.
SR2 is one of the very few gang games which actually managed to have a half decent relateable interesting story!
id be nice to see that back, with the superpowers of some creativity.
area of effectiveness too, you want to feel like a bad a$$.
think prototype 2, so many super power games are so confined and restricted in their powers which totally defeats the purpose.
your a superhero your suppose to feel like a bad a$$, bad a$$es rip the whole streets up, not fire off a attack and it has a radius of effectiveness of 2mms squared!
need to try bring back the gunplay too, something thats really hard to balance in a super power game but not impossible.
crackdown actually managed that quite well.

10 years ago

I don't like that guy.

10 years ago

He voiced the main antagonist in Saint's Row 2, so this isn't at all unwelcome. Dane Vogel was an awesome villain!

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