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Sony Releases “Perfect Partners” Trailer: PS4/Vita Togetherness

If you've got one, you should definitely want the other.

At least, that's what is implied by Sony's new "Perfect Partners" ad, which highlights the PlayStation 4 and Vita. The portable is the perfect complement to the new console for a variety of reasons.

Alongside the well publicized (albeit somewhat limited) Remote Play feature, you can also check your Trophies, keep in touch with friends, send messages or voice chat, and interact with the PS4 in other ways. It's often surprising to see just how good PS4 games look on the Vita, and gaming on the go has never been prettier or more advanced. The only question is whether or not Sony will release a PS4/Vita bundle in the US for the holiday season; we know one is headed to Europe within the next few weeks.

Perhaps the PS4's early popularity will help Sony's handheld…

Thanks, Zak