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Destiny Beta Will Hit PS4, PS3 First

You might think that given Bungie's history (they produced Halo exclusively for the Xbox platform for years), they'd have a Microsoft bias.

But that really isn't true. To celebrate the launch of the PlayStation 4, the developer has announced that the upcoming Destiny beta will debut on the PS4 and PS3. Pretty cool, right?

If you pre-order the game at participating retailers , you will receive your spot in the play test. This is only good "while supplies last," though, so you had best get a move on. If you pre-ordered before October 1, 2013, you automatically qualify for the beta and you should receive your code via email. The beta will feature a "diverse sampling of major activities in the full game" and is slated to kick off some time next year. It will eventually be available on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Maybe we'll see it in the early spring…

Gee, what's next? Exclusive Destiny content for PlayStation, too?