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EA Sports’ New PGA Game Won’t Have Tiger’s Name Attached

It'll be weird to see an EA Sports golf game that doesn't have Tiger Woods in the title.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf debuted way back in 1999 but now, EA Sports has confirmed that the new PGA Tour game in development for the next generation will not feature the iconic golfer. It seems the developer and Woods came to a "mutual decision" to end the relationship. That's PR speak right there.

EA Sports vice president of golf Daryl Holt said simply that they remain "big fans of Tiger" and they "wish him continued success in all his future endeavors." Woods won five tournaments in 2013 and was named Player of the Year, and he once again topped the money list, pulling in over $8.5 million. But even so, fans won't be seeing his name attached to the next EA golf game, which may shake things up a little. Said Holt:

"EA Sports golf fans have always loved authentic courses and players, but they've also asked for more choice and customization in how and where they play. We're working on a new approach to deliver the best golf experience to our fans–we think you'll love it, and so we’re excited to share the first screenshot of our next generation golf game currently in development."

It was rumored that EA had planned to outsource Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 but ultimately, the project was scrapped. This means that 2014 will mark the first year since '99 that EA has not shipped a game in the vaunted Tiger Woods franchise. Well, all good things must come to an end eventually.

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10 years ago

"All good things must come to an end"
Made me sad thinking about Final Fantasy.

10 years ago

yeah well i never really ike golf games and the mode on Wii sports got to be a bit of a pain so i think i'll pass.

happy gaming =)

10 years ago

The PGA games are actually pretty good. PGA along with FIFA are the only basic sport games I enjoy, when I actually bother to sit down and play them that is.

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