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Dual Shock 4, PS4 Camera Unveiled In New Unboxing Video

As you may have noticed in checking around the Internet recently, a lot of people are already coming home with the advanced Dual Shock 4 and the new Eye camera.

If you don't have yours yet, how's about checking out an unboxing video for both accessories? This is courtesy of Arm Length Interviews and it shows off both the DS4 and the camera, both of which feature obvious improvements.

Personally, I don't care much about that central touch pad on the front of the PS4 controller, but the rest of it looks great. The concave triggers and analog sticks should make control that much better (no slippety-slipping off the R2/L2 buttons any more), and I like that Sony maintained the standard format. I know they toyed with the idea of ditching the iconic X, O, Square, Triangle setup and I'm really glad they didn't.

As for the camera, I probably won't use it much but it certainly looks like it's well designed. What do you think?