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Battlefield 4 Story Trailer Brings The Drama And Intensity

It's true that most people don't buy shooters for the stories.

But the Battlefield franchise has often boasted interesting, dramatic narratives that at least add to the basic FPS experience. And it appears the story in the upcoming Battlefield 4 will be all sorts of emotional and, potentially, captivating.

The new trailer shows off many characters-in-peril and situations where there's internal strife among the team. It's our first solid glimpse at the narrative that drives the single-player campaign forward and really, it has a lot of promise. Sure, there are plenty of cliches in there and they probably drop the f-bomb one too many times, but all that's to be expected. This is supposed to be a mainstream offering, after all.

Check it out. Are you more excited about Battlefield 4 than you are about Call of Duty: Ghosts ? Or are you planning to get both?

Thanks, Zak!