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New PS4 Live Action TV Ad: For The Players Since 1995

I still remember the day my friend brought home the original PlayStation on launch day. I also remember being very skeptical 'cuz it wasn't made by Nintendo or Sega.

Now, over 13 years later, PlayStation has become an iconic name in the world of video games and the fourth console is primed and ready to launch on November 15.

To celebrate Sony's dedication to gamers since 1995, they've released a new live action TV commercial for the PS4, which brings back a ton of memories. If you're one of those people who have owned every PlayStation system, you'll definitely appreciate it. I still think the dude needs to stop putting the console in the bedroom (like so many of us did when we were younger) and start putting it in the living room, the appropriate place for an entertainment hub.

But other than that, the commercial makes its point: PlayStation 4 The Gamers! Get it? Good slogan.