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Tokyo Game Show 2013 Presents Gameplay For MGSV, FFXV

Well, at least MGSV still looks like Metal Gear Solid .

Developers took the opportunity to show off gameplay for their anticipated productions at the Tokyo Game Show. This resulted in never-before-seen footage for Final Fantasy XV , Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Deep Down . We get plenty of gameplay for all three, and all were shown running on the PlayStation 4.

First up is FFXV, which is apparently an action game with some stats, but that's about what we expected, anyway. It's definitely a very pretty presentation, and there could be some platforming involved as well, as we see Noctis climbing around on an airship at one point. The combat is fast and furious and it's difficult to see where any of the role-playing elements might come into play. But who knows?