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Shinji Mikami On PS4: “Finding Our Feet”

The Resident Evil creator and his team have had their first run at the PS4 and Mikami is talking about the experience.

Kotaku translates a Famitsu interview with the horror icon for us that makes the new console seem a little less immediately accessible than everyone anticipated. His next survival/horror effort The Evil Within is a cross generation title and Tango Gameworks is still getting ahold of the technology.

“To be honest, we’re still finding our feet with it. It’s no longer that era where you can understand a piece of hardware by making just one game for it, so I think we’ll come to see its merits as we grow accustomed to developing for it.”

If you'd like to know whether you should grab The Evil Within for PS3 or wait for the PS4 version Mikami makes a good case for the benefits provided by the new hardware:

“I believe [the PS4] has allowed me to focus on the details. By piling up individual bits of 'it can do this,' 'it can do that,' the overall visual grade has increased. Details and reality are important for the horror genre. Even in a fictitious world, if you show visuals with reality in them, you begin to think that 'such a world is possible.' I feel that the next-gen hardware has raised the bar on expression in this respect.”