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Sony: PS4 UI “A Quantum Leap” Ahead Of Cross Media Bar

We've grown tired of the PS3's Cross Media Bar, haven't we?

The new UI (User Interface) for Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 is sleeker and much more advanced overall, and SCE UK boss Fergal Gara says in fact, it's a "quantum leap" forward.

During a recent Digital Spy interview , Gara said the XMB has outlived its purpose and it just doesn't look "fresh or contemporary anymore." The bottom line is that it didn't fit the new ambitious vision of the PS4:

"It's not really up to the demands of, particularly, the vision of the PS4, and therefore showing we have absolutely made a quantum leap in terms of our user interface and those design principles of PS4, and demonstrating them live on stage last night, for me, that was a really, really exciting way to start the show."

Gara is referring to the introduction of Sony's press conference at Gamescom this week, when Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida sat down in a comfy chair and explored the PS4's UI capabilities. That UI definitely looks streamlined and functional and really, that's precisely what you want from such a system. If you missed the media briefing, here's the intro segment; we'll be doing that in a matter of months!