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Second Son Trailer: Who Knew Smoke Was So Darn Powerful?

It's one of the most anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive titles on the horizon. It just looks like awesome fun, doesn't it?

In a new behind-the-scenes "Smoke & Mirrors" trailer, we get to check out how developer Sucker Punch produced the eye-popping special effects for inFamous: Second Son . Did you know that smoke is kinda necessary for the main character's powers…?

They explain how they created those effects utilizing the power of Sony's new console. The particle effects are unbelievably impressive, and I have a feeling that destruction will be downright glorious . Remember, the footage we've seen thus far has portrayed plenty of environmental destruction, far more than there ever has been in this franchise. This should be one continuous adrenaline rush fueled by a constantly impressive visual display.

It's just a little annoying that Second Son isn't a PS4 launch title. Gotta wait until next year, damnit.

Thanks, Zak!