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Crytek Resurrects Hunt With a New Name

You would be excused if you don't remember a game that was supposed to come out 3 years ago and then vanished shortly after being announced. Originally known as Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age , this game was announced in 2014 as a free to play, four player, co-op action shooter that was was supposed to enter beta shortly after it’s announcement. But that never happened.

The team behind the game, Crytek, was made up of 35 members of Vigil games, which if you don’t know was the team behind the first two Darksiders. Of course, Vigil Games and Crytek had some financial issues and when they moved studios, Hunt was sent to some dark corner of development nonexistence and forgotten about by everyone.

Well apparently not by everyone. Crytek didn’t forget. Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age returned with a short teaser recently and the new name; Hunt: Showdown And possibly as a revamped game. While the original game was supposed to be a four player co op shooter set in the 1800’s, signs (trailer included) are now pointing to it being a two player co op possibly set in a different time. The main concept still seems to be in place though. The hunter becomes the hunted as you fight off hordes of monsters.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much else about it and hopefully we’ll find out some more info at E3. The website only shows the teaser trailer and not much else. It seems like it could be interesting though.

Do you think a free to play, co op shooter, set in the 1800’s sounds like a good idea? For some reason I keep thinking of an online version of Bloodborne.

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