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Stealthy Aragami Set For PS4, MGS And Tenchu Fans Will Love It

If you miss Tenchu , we've got some good news.

Okay, it isn't a new series entry but it's still very similar and besides, brand new IPs are always exciting, right?

Developer Lince Works has announced a new stealth game where you will play as an undead assassin. It's called Aragami and the darkness is your greatest ally; it lets you teleport instantly from shadow to shadow, create new areas of darkness so you remain invisible, and even materialize physical weapons and traps from thin air. Oh, and a shadow dragon. Who doesn't want a freakin' shadow dragon?!

Your enemy is the Kaiho; they are an army of warriors that can control light. They use exploding traps, ethereal lights and supernatural sword techniques to stop you, so you'll need to stick to the shadows. It's very much like the reverse of other games, where you used light to battle darkness, and I like the role reversal here.

You will also unlock special abilities that cater to one of two gameplay styles: Demon or Ghost. Are you the kind of player who wants to kill everyone in sight before moving on to the next area, or would you rather sneak through unseen, causing as little commotion and death as possible? There are skills that suit both styles, so feel free to play as you will!

The team says Aragami was "heavily inspired" by games like Tenchu , Metal Gear Solid , Mark of the Ninja and Dishonored . Hey, if this effort is the result of combining those four IPs, I say we should expect something pretty darn special, right?

Aragami should be ready to go this fall.