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Trine Developer Readies Shadwen, A Very Compelling Stealth Title

Stealth fans, have we got a potential gem for you.

Frozenbyte, the team that brought us the excellent Trine , has announced a May release window for their latest title, Shadwen .

As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , Shadwen is "an explosive stealth game where the only rule is to remain unseen at all times." Yep, this isn't one of those lenient stealth-like games that lets you fight your way clear; if you get caught here, it's game over. It may sound super challenging but the developer promises a bunch of great gameplay mechanics that will give you a definite edge.

For example, time only moves when you move, so you have plenty of time to assess and plan. Hey, a turn-based stealth game! And if you mess up, you can simply rewind time and try again, kinda like Price of Persia only minus the platforming and action. You have the option to play lethally or non-lethally and the story will actually be different depending your decision. That's pretty cool, I say.

You'll be able to plant bombs and "other deadly devices" and you get access to a handy-dandy grappling hook as well. It's kinda like an awesome marriage of the old-school Tenchu games and Assassin's Creed , only with an intriguing narrative twist. You might want to check this one out next month.