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PSXE Poll Update: Most Have No Interest In Pre-Ordering PSVR

With all the PlayStation VR news in the past few weeks, we just had to know: Are you on board?

Well…no. Not according to the results of our latest poll, anyway:

We asked if gamers planned on pre-ordering the already hot item that is Sony's new virtual reality device, and the majority of participants said they simply have no interest. A fair portion said they wouldn't get it out of the gate but they'd probably snag it later, so maybe that's encouraging for Sony, but the bottom line is that most of our readers weren't falling all over themselves to pre-purchase that launch bundle , and it falls in line with a poll we ran in late January. People weren't all that enthusiastic then, either .

This week, another obvious question considering the apparent inevitability of a more capable PlayStation 4 : What do you think of this idea? Will you definitely get "PS4K" when it comes out? Or are you just really ticked off at Sony for even considering the idea? Let us know.