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How Sniper Elite 4 Has Improved, Alpha Gameplay Revealed

If developer Rebellion can finally take that next big step, we could, at long last, see a must-have Sniper Elite title.

Earlier this month, we learned that Sniper Elite 4 was slated to launch later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

As previous entries were decent without being impressive, we see this as another chance for the IP to place itself solidly in that "good" or even "great" category. And based on what the developers recently told Game Informer , this seems like a distinct possibility.

The development team says they're "responding to feedback" and therefore, we can expect improved AI, along with more tools to distract, lure and eliminate enemies. We'll enjoy more depth as well, with fresh stealth elements that include shooting out lights to cover your actions, and the ability to set up long-range shots. Yep, this does include tweaking your crosshairs so you can account for bullet drop and other factors.

And you remember those iconic X-Ray kills with the sniper rifle? Well, they're adding this feature for stealth melee attacks, too, so there will be even more bone-crunching, blood-spurting effects. Lastly, the maps will be much bigger; in fact, the smallest new environment in the fourth entry will be three times the size of the largest map in Sniper Elite 3 . Not bad, right?

And here's some new alpha gameplay to check out:

Thanks, BikerSaint!