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The Church Of The Darkness: Infiltrate And Escape The Cult

A story-driven adventure with a cult twist? Sign us up.

Developer Paranoid Productions has announced The Church in the Darkness , which is headed to PlayStation 4 (presumably this year, though they didn't offer a release window).

Clearly influenced by real-life cult tragedies like Jamestown, the game takes place inside a religious cult in the 1970s. This cult, The Collective Justice Mission, is led by the charismatic duo of Isaac and Rebecca Walker, who have a hardcore socialist agenda. They decide to move their group to the jungles of South America (yep, very Jamestown-y) where they set out to build "Freedom Town."

However, the family and friends of these cult members are concerned. This is where you go into action: You're Vic, an ex-law enforcement officer sent to find your sister's son, Alex. The game is played in a classic top-down action-infiltration style (ala old-school Metal Gear Solid , it seems) and you do have the freedom to approach your objective in a number of different ways. However, as you progress, you'll learn more about the cult, and you might find out that there are more sinister things happening behind the scenes…

The intriguing part is that each time you play, Isaac and Rebecca's motives will actually change. So, the longevity and replayability should be very high. Also, don't forget that those who worked on the solid The Suffering games are lending their talents to this narrative-driven project, which is good news. Check out a brief preview: