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Double Dragon II: The Revenge Launches Today on PS4

I remember playing the Double Dragon series during the NES days.  It was one of my favorite games back then and I like Double Dragon II: The Revenge the most in the series.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge is making its way to PlayStation 4.  Published by Hamster Corporation, the game will be out on February 26, which is today, for the price of $7.99. To celebrate the launch of Double Dragon II: The Revenge, PlayStation Blog has spoken with the original Director Yoshihisa Kishimoto. You can read the full interview on this link .

Double Dragon II: The Revenge is an action game that was released by Technos Japan in 1988.  The story involves Billy and Jimmy Lee in a mission to avenge Billy's girlfriend, Marian, after she is shot to death by the Black Warriors leader Willy, who is retaliating against the Lee brothers after his defeat at the end of the Double Dragon I.

While the graphics, gameplay and even story are pretty basic nowadays, remember that this was released during the ’80s.  I just wish that they also release this game on Vita because I prefer to play this classic game on my Vita than on my PS4.  How about you guys, will you be getting this game on your PS4?