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Chances That The Last Guardian Will Be Worth The Wait?

"Vaporware" continues to be an overused (and occasionally misused) term in the industry.

But The Last Guardian might qualify, at least at certain points in its long and troubled history.

After first being revealed way back in…what is it, 2009?…we only got vague and sometimes unsettling updates, like when Fumito Ueda left Sony and decided to keep working on the project in a freelance/contractor capacity. Then we kept hearing from Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida that the project hit snag after snag and eventually, it had to be pushed into the PlayStation 4 generation. None of this was exactly promising, until we got all excited again after last year's resurrection at E3 .

But once again, Guardian has slipped away. We heard very little about it since last summer and at this point, we have to question: What the hell is going on? But perhaps more importantly, if and when it does show up, can it possibly live up to the hype? It seems to me that the game was unveiled way, way too early (even though I know there were plenty of unforeseen circumstances), and I tend to agree with Bethesda's Todd Howard when he says we really need to scale this back. Stop announcing games eons before they're ready.

It really is problematic, as he says. And if the project goes south, as it clearly did in Guardian 's case, the issues are only amplified. I'm guessing gamers are expecting nothing less than masterful genius when the title finally arrives, and I'm just not sure that's what we're going to get. Yes, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are two of my favorite games ever and I have infinite faith in Ueda, but how can I not be worried? And how can my expectations not be through the roof at the same time?

All I have to say is, this game better return at some point this year. A concrete launch date at E3 2016 is a must , Sony.